The circus comes to creamfields

The Dance music festival is 10 years old this year and they are inviting the circus to the festival, with some of the worlds top circus perfomers in attendence along with street performers. Other attractions away from the main tents include Skateboarders, Fancy Dress, and a Farmers Market.

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All manner of creative troubadours will be bringing their magic to Creamfields this year creating a world of unique entertainment for when you want to explore the meadow away from the music. The Vintage Circus will transport us through time into a land of old-school fairground fun including Carousel, Swings, coconut shy and facepainting. This is no ordinary fairground, The Vintage Circus is a different world of good old fashioned fun and an exciting new addition to this years carnival themed festival! Experience the timeless excitement of the fairground, try your luck on the games and check out the modern day sideshows created by fellow festival goers!

The funfair and carousel will also be onsite spinning their creative mayhem, the rides will be circled by a host of incredible performers including trapeze artists, jugglers, showgirls and ringmasters. The jaw dropping acrobats will inspire many a dance floor adventurer to join in the performance, bring some juggling balls and marvel at the magicians…

On top of the old-school merry-go-rounds there will modern funfair extravaganzas complete with the waltzers, twisters and the rides you know and love.


This year be sure to check out the Farmers market, who will be offering an array of delicacies (and no doubt tasty samples) and mosey on over to the all new and improved Creamfields village which will be selling everything from fancy dress to airhorns!

The Pimm’s blinged up but old school route master returns, set in it’s own white picket fenced garden where you can sit down and chill out on oversized deckchairs and picnic blankets. The Pimm’s bus is both a fully functioning bar where you can get perfectly served Pimm’s every time, but the top deck is also a great place to go and get a birds eye view of the festival, decked out like an old gentleman’s club with a convertible roof it’s the perfect place for you to see all the action! Pimms will feature alongside the Jose Cuervo bar – the world’s number one tequila to fire up the festival.

The Residents Bar have already announced they will be doing their bit for the ‘Green Cream Dream’ this year by having a biodegradable bar and running on wind power, but the line up is something special showcasing all the unsung heroes that Creamfields loves. The famous bar wizards will be working their magic with flair, after earning their stripes and even getting approval from Mr Nasty Simon Cowell! The bar wizards tricks are guaranteed to make you smile. The mixologists are amongst the worlds best and will bring style and panache to the party.


And if the UK’s finest circus freaks can’t keep you entertained, the daredevils at the Vert Ramp certainly can. King Ramps have a special show planned for Creamfields where the crème of British Vert skateboarding & BMX talent compete. Check out footage from last years display!


Streetwaves stage was borne from Liverpool’s famous Mathew Street Festival and returns this year giving young musicians the once in a lifetime opportunity to perform at Creamfields. Taking their first steps into the music industry and gain valuable performance experience.

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