Creamfield keep the noise in the tents

Creamfields celebrate their 10th Anniversary this year and have extended the festival to 2 days to give their fans more time to party.
Every year Creamfields organisers make the festival bigger and better. Cream are also a considerate festival organiser and have built on their installing of the Funktion One Soundsystem.
This year as well as improving the sound quality in their tents they are also thinking of their residents. The arena tents are to have acousitc draping which will keep the sound in the tents and wont allow noise pollution to seep out to the local area so any resident in their new Wickes Bathrooms will not be interupted as they rub a dub dub in the tub.
The result is more noise in the tents but less intereference to the local community, Creamfields is a green festival planner.

Creamfields have employed Jim Griffiths from Independent Acoustic Company, Vanguardia, who has worked with some of the best festivals around like Glastonbury and Reading

“The sound proofing material has been assessed by our company and it will enable higher sound levels to be established in the venue whilst minimizing the impact outside’

So look forward to Creamfields onSaturday 23rd & Sunday 24th August Bank Holiday Weekend at Daresbury, Halton, Cheshire

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