Minstry of Sound Review of Creamfields 2006

Creamfields 2006 rocked, check out the reviews.   Ministry of Sound TV’s Coverage of Creamfields held on the 26th of August 2006 in a new venue at Daresbury Estate in Cheshire,  Minstry of Sound Interviewed armin van buuren, and Paul Van Dyk

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  1. What has happend to creamfields ? I attended creamfields 29 aug 2009 an have done every year since it first begun in Liverpool it used to be fantastic ,music,atmosphere everything was great every year you couldn’t wait for the next one to come even the first year it went to daresbury it was great last year wasn’t as good as it has been still good tho but this year what a dissapoitment ! I arrived at 6pm an found myself leaving a few hours later. Don’t get me wrong the line up of djs ect is great always has been but it’s not just that the whole atmosphere has now changed it just isn’t the same any longer. Each year less an less scousers are arriving an it’s them that made creamfields the biggest dance festival it is supposed to be now. Don’t get me wrong it has never been just scousers attending it’s all sorts but it’s us that give it that fab attmosphere. I no longer live in lpool an I drive down every year for this an it takes me 4 hours but I still attend as I loved it so much wnt be next year such a dissapoitment it is now. I honestly thinkeach year less an less scousers will turn an soon it won’t be the best dance festival it once was an it needs to be moved back to liverpool where it all began.

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