Creamfields Tickets 2019

Creamfields 2019 tickets are on sale now it is a 2 day festival over the August bank holiday weekend on 23 Aug 2019 – 26 Aug 2019 at Daresbury Estate Halton in Warrington
The chance to buy 3 Day Camping Tickets as well as the usual 2 days and also day tickets.

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Ticket TypeTicket AgentBuy
Standard Camping Ticket 3/4 DayFesticket
Bronze 3/4 Day Camping TicketFesticket
SIlver 3/4 Day Camping TicketFesticket
Gold 3/4 Day Camping TicketFesticket
Saturday Day TicketFesticket
Sunday TicketsFesticket
Weekend Non Camping TicketFesticket
Weekend TicketFesticket

Creamfields Ticket Types Explained

Ticket TypeWhat it providesBuy
StandardAccess to the Event Arena, and the standard campsites.
BronzeAs Standard but also Bronze Package includes “proper” flush toilets and hot showers.
SilverThe Creamfields Silver package is as Bronze but also includes pamper parlour (with mirrors, hair straighteners etc). It also gives you free car parking, fast track entry into the festival when you arrive on site and fast track entry into the event arena.
GoldAs Silver but includes VIP Hospitality Area access on the festival site. Which includes Fre hot meal each day, onsite proper toiliers. Seating areas both indoors and out, Leather sofas, Wooden flooring, exlusive DJ sets and more. Its the ultimate creamfields experience.

Creamfields Ticket Packages / Hotel

2016 Prices

Creamfields 2019 Tickets from Official Ticket Agent Ticketmaster Creamfields 2019 Tickets

3 Day Tickets
Standard 3 day with camping:-
(Early Bird)
Hospitality 3 day camping:

2 Day Tickets
Standard 2 day with camping:-
£100+BF (Early Bird)
Standard 2 day ticket without camping
Hospitality 2 day with camping

1 Day Tickets
Saturday Hospitality:
Sunday Hospitality:


Creamfields Tickets


60 comments on “Creamfields Tickets 2019

  1. Can I buy a ticket just for the Sunday?

    Tickets are only available for weekend at the moment

    Can we buy tickets in any shops or only through Ticketmaster and the phone number?

    I only know of telphone and internet booking

    What do you get as a VIP ticket holder and what’s the difference of normal camping to VIP camping?

    I will find out what the VIP tickets offer

  2. Kasabien? what the f==k? Brilliant band, however, can’t really see what it has to do with the original format of cream and creamfields. Cream has sold out to a demographic that would of never passed through those doors. Naughty cream promoters you’ve officially sold out. Be true to your school.

  3. Creamfields will have a separate area for camper vans on site.

    You will need to buy a camper van ticket you buy in advance or at the entrance to the campsite.
    Caravans and winnebagos will not be permitted on site.

  4. Can you please let everyone know if Creamfields intend to sell one day tickets only- we may miss out if we wait and see if they will be released or not.

    Please please let us know !! Thanks. x

  5. I have always wanted to go to creamfields and this year i finally am but the problem is my mates arent really into this kind of thing and dont wanna go (idiots) so i am thinking of just going on my own!!!! will i be ok!!!!!!!

  6. i only wanted to go on the saturday because i hate campin and the 2 djs i wanted to see arnt playin on the same night . dose ne one know any cheap hotels or b+bs to stay in ??

  7. iya last year i bougt just a day ticket it woz well worth it they should do it this year, and doublemore people will go including me i cant fuckin wait am going any ways waever the circumstances. ITS SICK XXXXXXXXX

  8. hi am defo goin me wid all the girls , already got are welllllies we only want the DAY TICKETS tho PLEASE DO THEM ITS BETTER COZ THEN U SEE THE ONES U WANT THEN XXXXXXX

  9. Hey, i went last year was immense!! for those who have a day ticket you can stayed until the last set. which on the saturday is about 4am and then on the sunday it finishes early at 12pm. but there isnt a different time for the day ticket holders.

  10. i want armin van burren and david guetta main stage not this kasabien wank all these gay bands who think there bad with the electronic rock the only two bands that pull that off are pendulum and qemists now fuck off kasabien and go do your gay goth festivals

  11. Can you but hospitality weekend with camping tickets even tho your planning on staying in a hotel? Just i cant see hospitality weekend without camping on ticketmaster?

  12. hello LS, to answer your question NO! I’m doing the same, staying at a hotel for the weekend but want to have Hospitality tickets for both days. I called cream and if you buy the hospitality weekend camping ticket and leave the site on the saturday you probably will not be allowed back in for the sunday. Maybe the person on the door might be nice and let you back in, but thats a risk. What seems the only alternative is buy a saturday and sunday day ticket which will cost you more in booking and delivery fees as no ticket providers let you book two days on one order. Hope that helps, not ideal i know but it is going to be a great party and have a fun weekend!!

  13. how fast would these tickets usually sell out? im looking at buying a ticket but may not be able to get all the cash together with christmas coming up. i was wondering how fast these tickets will sell out so we know whether we will still be able to get them at the start of new year 2011



  15. The amount of silly questions asked on this site .. all info is displayed above .. there is day tickets available it does say so .. Saturday Day Ticket £65
    and Sunday Day Ticket £60 .. Just go and enjoy yourselfs god! 🙂 I know i will 😀 xx

  16. With a general admission weekend ticket can you go on the thursday night and camp over or do you have to arrive on the friday? As me and my mates are driving down from Leeds so could be an effort getting organised on the friday morning

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