Creamfields Review 2008

We would love to hear your reviews of Creamfields when you come back.

What did you think of the line up? Did you think it was better as a 2 day event.

What DJ’s rocked your world?, what was your tune of the weekend.

Who did you like best Tiesto, Pete Tong, Underworld, Fat Boy Slim, Eric Prdz, Ferry Corsten , Paul Van Dyk.

We look forward to all your comments, We will be on site too, and will give our creamfield fan review too when we return.

Off to pack my glow sticks 🙂


Back from Creamfields to find my site had too much bandwidth, so sorry to everyone who tried to access the site over the weekend, I tried myself and got frustrated !!!

Well what a weekend, Gold Stars to all in the Swedish House Mafia Tent and the cream arena, and a special mention to the bbc introducing stage which turned out some great tunes.

The Cream Arena was rocking, storming sets from Ferry Corsten, then Oakenfold kept it going but raised the bar a few notches, then TIESTO raised the roof, and the arena was rammed, does anyone know how many squeezed in?

So how as creamfields 2008 for you? leave your comments below good or bad we wanna hear 🙂

7 comments on “Creamfields Review 2008

  1. Just got back from CREAMFIELDS baby!!! Had an amazing weeked, didnt want it to end. TIESTO was bang on it… much respect for that man!! also eddie & of course andy C and pendiulum! actually missing the mud & some of the crazy people we met!!
    camping all the way…

  2. Had a brilliant time!!! Highlights for me were Eddie Halliwell who got the atmosphere going, Ferry Corsten absolutely AMAZING!!! Tiesto… What more can i say LEGEND!

    Only downside was the constant attempts to get into my pockets or bag (which only had my coat in!!) from several people behind me!!! Pickpockets, you were spotted, spent around 4 hours bugging us, to get absolutely nowhere.

  3. What a weekend! Didn’t have or see any trouble and it all went pretty smoothly from what i saw. Didnt see any pickpockets sorry to hear they pestered you. Music was banging and a few personal favs included Ian Brown, Ferry Corsten, Underworld…….that’s all i can think of off the top of my head, oh yeah like the person above said Eddie Haliwell abseloutly rocked it, he knows how to get you going!!! Many thanks for that man. All in all a top weekend, roll on next year!!!

  4. The DJs and venues were blinding!! It may have been right at the end of the weekend, but if you didn’t see the Swedish House Mafia, then you missed out!!

    Only downside was the really poor organisation of the campsite. The organisers only laid on 5 lanes for people to go though to be security checked (which included a bag check and metal detector). With thousands of people trying to get into the festival on the Saturday morning it was complete mahem and there were no signs up or people explaining what was going on. I spoke to a couple of people camping who were waiting for 7 hours to get into the campsite. Once you got into the campsite, there was no coco matting or wood chippings down on the walkways, so as soon as it rained it turned into a complete mud bath.

    Overall Great festival – but please please please sort yourselves out on the camping next time Creamfields!!!!

  5. What an event!! Swedish house mafia tent was the place to be, from David Guetta’s sublime set followed by the swedish house mafia setting a whole new standard, trully special!

  6. what can i say……. wow. my top 5 were: 1 (Gotta Be) Tiesto, 2 Paul Van Dyk, 3 David Guetta, 4 Pendulum and finally 5 Fatboy Slim. thats not to say they were the best. just the best of what i saw. I still cant quite come to terms with how good tiesto was and nearly shed a little tear when his set ended with that vid of him walkin away down a beach. class!!! dont suppose anybody knows where to download that set from or at least the track names???

  7. the event itself was awesome n im missin it already but as mentioned aboveby someone else, the organisation gettin into the campsite was a complete shambles!!! surely they roughly knew how many people were campin from the ticket sales but failed to allow adequate security to cope wiv the long queues. waitin to get to the campsite for wot seemed like hours wiv all my campin stuff was not really my idea of fun but once my tent was up, i soon forgot all about it. perhaps a bit more thought n preparation for next year wouldnt go a miss…especially if it rains. other than my little moan it was a fantastic event!!!

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